The New Zealand Ethics Committee is an ethics advisory committee serving any social researcher not eligible for ethics review from the standing ethics committees for tertiary institutions or the health and disability sector.  Many research projects from professional, community and government researchers fall outside this narrow realm of university or health research.

Members of the New Zealand Ethics Committee are volunteers with significant research and ethical review experience. The Committee meets monthly using either telephone conferencing or email.  Applications are sent to reviewers by the fifteenth of any month and applicants can expect to receive review comments within 10 to 14 days after that. Submit all queries and applications to Sue Fish, NZEC administrator, at secretary@nzethics.com.

The application form may be found here: NZEC application form

NZEC is operated by New Zealand Ethics Limited, a non-profit charity, founded in 2008 by former Health and Disability Ethics Committee chairs. NZ Ethics Ltd is committed to using their collective experience to build an ethics infrastructure in NZ complementary to the university and health sector ethics review systems.  NZEC is one example of their planned activities.  Others are facilitating interactive conferences, workshops and meetings designed to engender a greater level of dialogue between researchers and ethics committees in New Zealand.  NZEC holds an MOU with Queenstown Resort College to provide ethics instruction for their students and oversight of these students research projects.  NZEC continues to provide ethics review for foreign research researching in New Zealand.

Please note: No researcher is mandated to submit his or her application to NZEC: it is a voluntary practice, and an application may be withdrawn at any time. The New Zealand Ethics Committee is a registered Charity entity #CC50073.  It received initial sponsorship from a grant from the Ministry of Social Development and more recently from a generous grant from the Tindall Foundation. Currently, NZEC received no external funding.

NZEC growth has been exponential and a fee to review ethics applications has become necessary for most applications.  The Committee reviewed 22 applications in 2014 and 58 in 2017.  To accommodate this growth and until a sustainable funding source can be set in place, NZEC has implemented a new procedure.  NZEC does not charge a fee for review but any koha of up to $500 is appreciated.  Kiwibank 38-9014-0176382-00.

NZEC Code of Ethics

The New Zealand Ethics Committee adheres to the Royal Society of New Zealand Code of Professional Standards and Ethics in Science, Technology, and the Humanities  http://www.royalsociety.org.nz/organisation/about/code (see especially “Part 2: Principles”).